Liposonix is an ultrasound treatment that will reduce your body size by one size in one hour.


What it consists of

How it is done

For whom it is indicated

Liposonix in Valencia


It is a high-density focused ultrasound treatment (HIFU) that reshapes your figure, giving definition to the waist, arms and legs. It manages to eliminate fat from the cartridge cases, abdomen and knees without dieting or exercise, it is simply spectacular.
The Liposonix treatment in Valencia that you will find in our clinic is perfect for those people who are at an adequate weight, but fat accumulates in a certain area and does not go away in any way. If you need dietary support, don't worry, we can give it to you, and in two or three liposonix sessions you will achieve your ideal figure.
With the LIPOSONIX treatment you will get rid of localised fat.
  • Without surgery

  • No adverse effects

  • Without disrupting your life

  • With all the guarantees

  • With duration in time

  • Duration of the intervention:

45-60 minutes per session.

  • Discharge from the clinic:

On the same day.

  • Return to work:

On the same day.

  • Anaesthesia:

Without local anaesthesia.

  • Incorporation into social life:

The day after the treatment.

  • Care and recovery:

You will feel a sensation as if you have worked hard in the gym, so Dr. Antón recommends wearing a girdle for 10 days to alleviate the discomfort.

What is Liposonix

LIPOSONIX is an outpatient treatment that is only applied by Dr. Anton in Valencia, because it cannot be left in the hands of other non-medical professionals, where through a focused ultrasound, high density, permanently destroys fat cells in localized areas without damaging the surrounding tissues.
In the body, liposonix achieves a painless, anaesthetic-free and unmarked reduction of localised fat, as well as improving the skin in that area, improving firmness.

How the Liposonix treatment is performed

Dr. Antón will listen to your case and after a study, she will establish a plan to eliminate this localised fat.


  • A topical anaesthetic (a cream) is applied to the area.

  • The Liposonix is applied painlessly for 45/60 minutes on a map designed by Dr. Antón.

  • The same day of the application you may notice tingling, redness or some bruising that will disappear. The following day you can return to your normal life.

Who is Liposonix indicated for?

This laser treatment is intended for all patients, regardless of age, who want it:
  • Eliminate the localised area without dieting or exercise.

  • Decrease by one size in one session.

Dr. María Antón


Expert in aesthetic medicine

Her story is that of a passionate lover of beauty and medicine, who, with extensive medical training, has successfully treated thousands of women and men of all nationalities.
She has always worked with the latest technology, and has never stopped training with the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons, to give the best of herself to her patients.