Why laser vaginal rejuvenation in Valencia?

laser vaginal rejuvenation in Valencia - resultsNowadays, various mechanisms or aesthetic interventions have emerged that could provide an effective response to almost any request. A good example of this is the laser vaginal rejuvenation in ValenciaThe treatment aims to improve internal elasticity by reducing flaccidity caused by pregnancy, ageing or weight changes.  

Although for some people this laser vaginal rejuvenation might be a topic that no one should talk about, at Anton Clinic not only do we talk about it, but we also tell you about the advantages of this aesthetic intervention:

  • Increase in volume of the labia majora, which have lost body and shape, as well as providing proper hydration of the region.
  • Favours the muscle tone of the pelvis, thereby decreasing the risk of urinary tract infections due to the presence of post voiding residue or urinary incontinence.
  • It has the power and capacity to correcting pathological conditions of vaginal atrophy or laxity syndrome.

Important aspects of laser vaginal rejuvenation in Valencia

laser vaginal rejuvenation in Valencia - women's legsWhen talking about important aspects, it is crucial to clarify that there are many reasons for opt for vaginal rejuvenationThe conditions tend to present themselves in a variable way and with the passing of time. In addition, as mentioned above, vaginal birth is a determining factor in their poor physical condition. 

One of the most relevant aspects of this innovative technique is a point that goes beyond aesthetics. It has also been defined as an intervention that contributes to a better sensation of pleasure and general enjoyment. So, if you want to find out more about the laser vaginal rejuvenation in Valencia do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to offer you a better quality of life.