What is Radiesse in Valencia about?

radiesse in valencia - womanWith the advent of new technologies, man has tried to focus much of his knowledge on improving the aesthetics of human beings. A good example of this can be found in treatments such as the radiesse in ValenciaThis consists of the application of a substance called calcium hydroxyapatite, a component that is part of human beings for natural reasons. But it is lost due to advanced age, radical changes in weight, among others.

This calcium hydroxyapatite helps to define facial contours and correct minor facial imperfections. Due to its effectiveness, many clients ask where radiesse can be applied and these include the jaw arch, cheekbones and cheeks.

Advantages of radiesse in Valencia

By opting for treatments such as radiesse in Valenciapatients will be able to obtain advantages, such as:

  • Recovery of lost volume due to ageing.
  • Facial rejuvenation with a very natural appearance.
  • Areas such as cheeks, dark circles under the eyes and jaw arch are the ones who benefit the most from radiesse.
  • Results can be seen immediately, without the need for an excessive number of sessions.
  • Remodelling of the facial ovalthus stimulating collagen production.

Frequently asked questions about radiesse in Valencia

If you wish to performing a radiesse in ValenciaIf you have any doubts, you can probably express doubts such as the following:

1. How long does a radiesse session last?

The sessions are not longAlthough each case may vary by minute, they should not exceed 30 minutes in length.

2. When will the results be visible?

As we mentioned before, results can be seen immediately and from the first session of radiesse in Valencia.

3. Is radiesse painful?

radiesse in valencia - treatmentAt the time of the radiesse the patient will be able to demonstrate some discomfort, but not necessarily focused on pain. If you would like to learn more information on radiesse in ValenciaPlease do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you achieve that ideal face.