What does nose surgery in Valencia consist of?

rhinoplasty in Valencia - photo with backgroundThe nose surgery in Valencia is one of the most fashionable operations to restructure the appearance of our face. The nose is, in many cases, the main reason why people are not comfortable with their reflection, and a nose job can completely change the appearance of any person. A crooked, very large or bent nose gives an unattractive impression that can be solved with a simple surgery performed by professionals.

At Clínica Antón we have doctors with extensive experience in nose surgery in Valencia who will advise you about your makeover. Each nose allows for different possibilities, so it is important to have a professional who can give you realistic options and offer you a personalised treatment plan. Our clinic also has a multidisciplinary team and tools that enhance the results of your intervention and improve your recovery.

Trust us for your nose job in Valencia.

rhinoplasty in Valencia - chinThe rhinoplasty in Valencia The procedure performed by Dr. Fakin lasts approximately three hours and, depending on how the patient responds, he or she may go home or stay overnight in the hospital. Recovery involves the use of customised bands or splints to keep the septum stable for approximately ten days.

If you are thinking of improving your appearance by changing the shape of your nose, come to Clínica Antón. We have professionals and instruments specialised in aesthetic medicine to always offer you the best results in the least invasive way possible. We will carry out a comprehensive plan for you to achieve the face of your dreams. Contact us and we will inform you about all the possibilities available to you at Clínica Antón, your aesthetic medicine clinic in Valencia.